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Thursday, March 24

The return of Babylon Zoo

This week i've been back home in Camberley, and a bit bored, so i've been trawling through old 'favourites' on internet explorer. I came across '', and it bought back many fond memories, mostly of impersonating Babylon Zoo mainman Jas Mann, and telling his loyal subjects that a new album would be on the way soon. I eventually got banned from the site for this, the big fascists.
However, upon visiting again, headline news appeared to be that Babylon Zoo would indeed be releasing a record in the new year, and none other than Jas Mann himself was asking for a one word contribution towards lyrics. Most of the words put forward so far were rubbish. If i could be bothered to post i feel my word would be 'twat', as it always makes me laugh. I also felt 'jeans' would be a good contribution too.

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