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Tuesday, January 6

first day back

was first day back at uni yesterday

and it all went wrong, my first seminar cancelled, then i thought i'll go do some work in the library, but the search thing was down

could it get any worse...

still today looks like it could be better, hopefully

moyles isnt bad, just ringing up the chappel where britney got married, but its just a madeup feature thats disappointing

still better than coxy

Sunday, January 4

houston we seem to be ok

well my first post is up and the look isnt to bad again. just working on getting my website from my pc to my mac, a slightly late new years resolution; don't get double up on stuff, my rooms too tiny for all my stuff before i have two computers in it.

still uni starts tomorrow, and with it my first seminar on radio, could be good, learn how i should be doing it rather than how i am.

seeing as i'm telling of whats coming up, in not to long hope is there will be a new secondhandtoys cd, a six track 50 copies cd-r. it'll be a bit like an invite only gig but a cd, i'll give it to those i think deserve a copy and those who ask nicely, as yet no acts are set in stone, we'll just have to wait and see i spose

oh and i'm listening to a radio 2 special on joseph and his technicolour dream coat who says i'm not rock and roll

a long time coming

well i've had blogs of various sorts knocking around for an age, so thought it was only about time to do a proper one, gonna do my best to update it. and looking at my uni time table shouldnt be to much of a problem, six hours a week hardly seems like a full time education does it? any how this blog should form the updated part of my personal website as i'm becoming a self whoring media type i felt it was about time for a but i'm too tight/skint for a proper domain name so expect a address soon.

in mean time keep it tuned here for the lastest and greatest going on in the world of me