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Wednesday, August 10

Film review type thing...

I dunno how secretive I am supposed to be about this (I'm being positive about the film and why else would a film company show a film early other than to create a buzz) but the other day I had the fluke of getting in for a super advance screening of Serenity the new movie from the writer of Buffy, Angel et al. Apparently its the big screen version of a TV programme by called Firefly, but not having seen the series it still was really easy to follow.

I'm not the hugest fan of his work in the past but I found the film really enjoyable, its chockablock with cliche and funny but very "him" dialolog, its never gonna be an all time classic and I can't imagine it'll do hugely well on the multiplexs (I mean the title is about as vague and unengaging as they come) but its definitely going to be one of those DVD phenomena part Donnie Darko part Blade. If you click here you can see the trailer aswell.

Tuesday, August 9

In case I'd shut up about it for five minutes

Here are the teeshirts i've designed which are up for sale online here

I'm not making any money out of this, I'm doing it for the kids, so the aforementioned kids can wear teeshirts I like

You know you want to only £12 just think of how many starving children you are depriving by spending the money on Africa and how much it'll nark Bono surely thats reason enough.

Well fancy that..

I was on the outskirts of Soho yesterday at lunchtime, as I'm sure the more observant amongst you might have noted in the past London Phone Boxes, particularly those in the Soho region often act as a shop window of sorts for the trade in "friendship". funny that leaving the aforementioned phone box rather hurriedly was Rik Mayall who presumably has run out of credit on his mobile...

Monday, August 8

Shuffle Couture

Over the weekend I met up with a couple of mates I haven't seen much since I started Uni, we were at the Zine launch for "Half a Pigeon" I mentioned a few days ago, it was gig come open decks DJ       party, and somewhat inevitably the question so what have you been listening to lately arose.

And I couldn't answer, not in a I'm scared to say unless you don't like it way but in a I couldn't actually tell you, I have big ole iPod, and though its not as full as it could be (or I would like) there is a fair bit for me to be listening to, I always have it on shuffle so I'm lucky if I listen to the same track twice in a week let alone a whole album.

Add in the obsessive compulsive record collecting I have been indulging in far to frequently of late has hardly helped matters, I have more albums than I can ever really listen to so I barely listen to an album enough to really be in it of note enough to mention.

But does it mean I'm not appreciating music in the same way anymore... I nearly wrote my dissertation on the subject (it eventually morphed into a 'Does the notion of free music as illustrated by illegal file sharing online alter the way we perceive music, is it a return to pre-phonographic notions or merely an evolution in the purchase method of music (sounds thrilling right?))

I think I might write it out for the blog or Half a Pigeon...

You're beautiful, it's true.

Well it seems the killer-cum-crooner James Blunt is number one for the forth week on the trot in the singles chart, not that I've been following his progress that closely (infact I find it a bit difficult to believe that anyone is following his progress that closely, I mean I can understand he has fans but hardly the rabid obsess of every detail and tid bit of news type though I do hear Hormone Replacement can do weird things to a women.)

Other than he sounds a bit like Tracey Chapman who used to be quite popular I haven't really grasped his appeal. I'm not meaning to be too down on the chap, I mean I don't hate him or owt, there is quite likely worse music out there, its just it doesn't seem to have crossed my path. The single in itself isn't too offensive, I spose too that it is quite catchy in the repeat one sentence ad nausea to form a chorus kind of way. But its definitely not just the song at play there must be more to the appeal.

I think I might have grasped a bit of his shtick though, maybe it's the whole tough but gentle thing, like Gazza he might beat his wife but wasn't it sweet when he cried in Italy. you know that famous Athena poster with the muscley guy who is holding the baby, who turned out to be a womaniser that kind of thing. I mean he may have been paid to kill people in the past but he is so sensitive, I mean

        You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
        You're beautiful, it's true.
        I saw your face in a crowded place,
        And I don't know what to do,
        'Cause I'll never be with you

I mean check out that sentimentality, its like even more deep than 'I will Always Love You'

Friday, August 5

an offer you can't refuse...

If you're reading this...

And you don't live far from Reading...

And you not Busy this Saturday....

Then you must come to this:

It should be amazing, its a hand made superfantastic zine launch, I've contributed with an abbreviated piece about rockism versus anti rockism, and there's lots of cool stuff by people i know and don't.

And the launch itself should be good, some quality bands and I am taking a turn on the wheels of steel its gonna be a vinyl only set so should be a good laugh.

Wednesday, August 3

Sienna Who..

Maybe its me just being totally out of touch with the world of popular culture (if this were the case I would for ever hold my head in shame) but who is Sienna Miller and how come she is so very newsworthy.

The ever reliable Holy Moly (link on the side bar) say apparently she is all preggers upped with estranged other half Jude Law, hot gossip it would seem but I can't help but wonder why I should care, I'm all for celebrities for celebs sake, but I really have trouble understanding what is the cause celebre  for Sienna, we she was riding Shotgun on the Jude Law Express, but he is hardly that famous I mean he's good in Rushmore and I've heard he plays Shane Ritchey's part in the on-screen adaptation of the life of Aflie Moon (but I ain't seen that yet)

But does this mean I should care, I don't want to seem like the grump who hates people being famous for being famous, that's not something I bothered about, my problem with Sienna is In a line up with her Kate Moss, Sadie Frost and Sienna I might only just be able to pick Kate out but I wouldn't like to bet any money on it.

Still gives Heat something to write about but I still think Closer should have forgot Sienna and put the story about Barry Chuckle seducing a married women should be front page material.