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Monday, January 10

I just don't know what to do with myself

Well another day and more general nonsense, I've got into my head this rather weird regime whereby if I manage to get some work done I reward myself, normally its get the essay done then visit KFC, well today I added my favourite Saturday morning activity into the reward. I visited the British Heart Foundation Record and Book Store.

Well as usual I found myself rummaging through the records most vinyl snobs wouldn't touch with a barge pole. Non mint covers, non-rockist mojo approved acts so it was a veritable gold mine of the tat I find myself loving.

First up is the self titled album by The Communards, for my sins I love a bit of Jimmy Sommerville (Pun intended, but not excused) I've got Sonia by old DJ buddy to thank for that, back before she went of to the climes of Russia she forced upon me the diabolical Bronski Beat Marc Almond cover version of I Feel Love week after week, so I blame her, though in all seriousness I think they were an underappreciated act in need of some critical reappraisal.

I picked up Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back The Clock, I'm not really sure why as I know a grand total of nowt about them, but post-purchase research seems to suggest they quite similar to a lot of the new romantic stuff I listen to only with out the well known hits, Just put it on now and doesn't sound to bad if a little dated, but then its 16 odd years old.

And from one silly named eighties act to another, this one managed by Sharon Osbourne so make of that what you will. Orchestral maneuvers in the Dark - The Pacific Age which is apparently their bland sell-out record, So I'll prob really like it.

I got my first album by the Eurythmics which surprised me when I thought about it, considering how prolific they were woulda thought I'd have acquired something of theres by now, but now I have got Be Yourself Tonight, which has got Heaven Must be Missing an Angel which isn't too bad a track so the album might be alright.

I got EMF - Schurbert Dip which is strached to pieces but seems to play alright, and it's got unbelievable on it which I might go down quite well on Saturday night.

I got the got the dyslexic-tastic Color Me Badd - CMB which not only features I Wanna Sex You Up but closes side one with I Wanna Sex You Up (Reprise) so it bodes to be a classic.

Also in the bag of goodies was Simply Red - A New Flame, Rod Stewart - Foolish Behaviour, Diana Ross - Why do Fools Fall in Love, The Pretenders - Get Close, Neil Diamond - Jazz Singer, Lionel Ritchie - Can't Slow Down, Thompson Twins - Quick Step & Side Kick, Yazz - Wanted and last But not least the wonderful Love Classics performed by The London Symphony Orchestra includes a boombastic cover of Stairway to Heaven, Purple rain with the vocal melody played on harmonica, Lady in Red and 22 others.

I need to get out more...

Sunday, January 9

back with a whimper

Well I'm finally back to Brighton, and with being back in Brighton comes the free gifts of a unlimited internet connection and far to much free time, so hopefully with it should come an occasional post to this very location.

Christmas and the New Year weren't particularly eventful, it wasn't just socks and new years with Jools Holland but it wasn't exactly unending hedonism and exciting gifts I never knew I wanted but loved more than life itself, though I did get the Great Rock Discography by Martin C. Strong and the Record Collector Valuable Record Guide, both of which are brilliant and both might have superceeded the Guiness Book of Hit Singles as my favoured religous text.

I've found myself up in London for a few days last week, was quite an interesting experience, and it made me realise how little I know about Classical music and Jazz. It seems my three K-Tel records of rock and soul music covered in a classical style by the London Symphony Orchestra just didn't cut it.

Don't really know where to start with it all, might spark up UBL and Limewire later or just keep an eye open on my vinyl hunting journeys. So if any of you are jazz fiends do drop me a line with some tips.

oh and check out spice hopefully I might have a few tees up for sale on there soon, but you'll no doubt hear about that soon if it comes to pass.