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Wednesday, April 7


its 30 yesrs since abba won eurovision this week, i have to say abba aren't looked back on with such nostalgia as the beatles but i think they definately have them matched on all out shameless pop-ness

granted they prob would lose out in the progressive experimentalism, but in a pop band do you need that?

worhty of note cause it means eurovision is coming round soon
will i actually organise a drinking game based around it this year?

i hope so

been listening to the kayne west album today, and against my better judgement i'm really getting into it, granted the hip hop beats with chipmunk speeded up soul samples are a little predicatable and there are more skits than you can shake a stick at but i like it

if thats a crime crucify me

oxegen is looking like the quality line up seeing as reading and glasto's seem a bit, i dunno, uninspired isle of white is prob better. i wanna start a festival where i decide who plays and it only costs £30 and they dont let any trouble making loo-lighters in think it'd be good?

Tuesday, April 6

moe rehashed stuff from elsewhere

poor vicky beckham/adams not only the who-ha about her marriage her laebl has gone under, but worry not music fans this doesnt affect roster-mate craig david which is a silver lining i sure posh will appreciate.

Monday, April 5

inevitable bloggin material part two

david what were you doing, mr beckham has made the most ludacrous decision< /a> of his life since getting with posh spice in the first place,

now my quest to find a pic of the lucky lady without getting out of bed and buying a paper, cause rea;;y for those who havent seen her really thats the question, if she were right proper good looking it mighta been worth ditching the horse lady

i'm not that shallow honest, but try denying you would ask the same question.

holy moly and popbitch didnt forwarn me about this though, come on where the new gossip email i don't know about....

Inevitable blogging material part one

well a decade is a long time...

year its ten years since mr kurt nirvana got a big ol'gun and blew his brains out, and as a fitting tribute nme put his mug on the cover, xfm play a different nirvana on the half hour and virgin megastores in london have set up a shrine (their words not mine)

sure i'm not alone in the sentiment that i dont know what all the fuss is about.
However whilst my american bloggin friends havent yet dived in I thought I ought to, while i'm sure they will write some clever and insightful pieces on the subject i wanna ask who else gets this kinda treatment, Lennon and Elvis, who not even the most cynical music snob could really argue against,

is kurt up to their standard? and even more pressing why are people like mercury, hendrix, drake, and buckley (both generations) given such death anniversary stuff

xfm as some kind of redemption have just played my woman by white town, so their already on the way to being forgive

the nme on the other hand.....

Sunday, April 4

lazy sunday afternoon

hmmm been a weird one today.....

firstly spent the morning reading a multitude of blogs about glasto and the ticket difficulties/fiasco, fortunately for me the indie-tastic line up wasnt appealing enough to shell out 100 odd quid, however those indie than thou and those with the whole 'ot's glasto and thus cause it was started by hippys and is still badly organised it gives this incredible atmosphere bullshit blah blah'

I think for some people the whole its on a farm thing can justify the shambles that tickets seem to be.

However trust no rock and roll fun to provide a really good and
workable solution

Friday, April 2

it were a tour de force type thing

last night i found myself watching possibly the most surreal and absurb televisual experience i have seen

'this week' is normally a not to bad political programme, goes quite well with my strange sleep patern and passing interesting in politics, normally its not much to blog about however yesterday it most certainly was

Andrew Neil, the normal presenter was away, exciting i hear you cry....

So normal guest portillo was joined by janet street porter, plenty entertaining to start with.

then they upped the ante, well when discusing the banning of smoking in public places in Ireland which insightful, amusing and most of all astute special guest could they secure

Shane MacGowan who'd come straight from a show, so was a little inebriated

hilarity ensued...

nothing stranger than drifting off to sleep to janet street porter make a pigs ear of reading autocue questions to a incomprehensible MacGowan who had to be diciphered by portillo

Oh and Martin Mardell dressed in a pink jockeys outfit on a rocking horse.....

in other news:

wish i'd done a good april fools like newflux or suprnova with their japeenese satalite scam had me for a bit that one....

also a little latin for you:

Nil disputandum de gustibus - No disputing about tastes

Mihi ignosce. Cum homine de cane debeo congredi - Excuse me. I've got to see a man about a dog

Visne saltare? Viam Latam Fungosam scio - Do you want to dance? I know the Funky Broadway

hmmm dogstab song in latin?

Thursday, April 1

searching for the thread

been listening to buck 65 - square today wanted to bring you some of the great lyrics from it but search high and low on google i couldnt find any to cut and paste, so if there's any buck fans out there who fancy transcribing the album for me fell free

stylus magazine is starting to become my new favourist online music source, i dunno how much longer i can handle's one of libertines opens new milk bottle stories

if you have means of acquitring random music legally i thoroughly recommend you use that to download the chi-lites - are you my woman - which is offcourse the horns from crazy in love in their original setting, not sure if i like the track yet but without a doubt its an interesting listen

in answer to my question from my last post; is it ok to like lcd soundsystem? well following a discussion thing on my new bible i feel there's no shame in it...

also for those who haven't procured an digital version of skinner esq. latest and possible greatest you might want to look here also a wealth of bootleg type madness


new favourite site

till i couldnt get the songs to download :(

check popshots for an interesting hypocrisy insight thingy, i'll explain basically korn's new video is all about multi-media conglomeration and anti big major labels despite being signed to sony so clicky the link for a more coherent deconstruction and explanation of what idiots korn seem to be and the ever lovable mister stern