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Sunday, January 9

back with a whimper

Well I'm finally back to Brighton, and with being back in Brighton comes the free gifts of a unlimited internet connection and far to much free time, so hopefully with it should come an occasional post to this very location.

Christmas and the New Year weren't particularly eventful, it wasn't just socks and new years with Jools Holland but it wasn't exactly unending hedonism and exciting gifts I never knew I wanted but loved more than life itself, though I did get the Great Rock Discography by Martin C. Strong and the Record Collector Valuable Record Guide, both of which are brilliant and both might have superceeded the Guiness Book of Hit Singles as my favoured religous text.

I've found myself up in London for a few days last week, was quite an interesting experience, and it made me realise how little I know about Classical music and Jazz. It seems my three K-Tel records of rock and soul music covered in a classical style by the London Symphony Orchestra just didn't cut it.

Don't really know where to start with it all, might spark up UBL and Limewire later or just keep an eye open on my vinyl hunting journeys. So if any of you are jazz fiends do drop me a line with some tips.

oh and check out spice hopefully I might have a few tees up for sale on there soon, but you'll no doubt hear about that soon if it comes to pass.

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