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Thursday, April 7

Kelvin's Tips

Well I'm back from a nice adventure to Edinburgh with drunken injuries, marmite stains and a few tracks you might enjoy a bit of a listen to...

First we have a track from Workin Lunch, who are a couple of blokes from my old college, I don't especially have much contact with them anymore,but recently I checked their site and found a new track of theirs. It seems a bit of a departure from the Reel Big Fish-ism of when I knew them, I spose it could be described as Emo-ska but that would possibly be a kind of music that was a punishment worse than death, I spose a little like RX Bandits, which is a very fine compliment

Workin Lunch - It All Comes Round

Next up is a track recommended by a friend of mine from Liverpool called Kev, so far of the tracks I've heard this track Aneroid Barometer is far and away the best and I haven't entirely "got" their other stuff which you can check out here But this track with a guitar part like a dripping cave and vocals like a robot teenager suffering from an arkward voice breaking incident during recording has tickled my fancy.

The Seal Cub Clubbing Club - Aneroid Barometer

And Finally a track to file under prob gonna be big as soon as they get signed whether me or you like them or not. They have an angle (they are actually all Young Offenders)They will sell to people who like Oasis (do they still exist?)and who like Kasabian (who seems to be everyone but me) are like an unironic GLC (which is either genius or not I'm not sure) and they are actually quite entertaining.

The Young Offenders Institute - We're the Young Offenders

oh and check out this for more samples and stuff

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