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Sunday, May 8

Just in case there's any TV Execs reading...

Been watching the Top 100 Singles on Channel 4 for about the tenth time but it did get me thinking, I'm as much of a sucker for these list/criticism shows as anyone but this watching it really got me thinking what a great concept for a show would be if there was a kind of cross between Top 100 best stuff ever and Newsnight Review.

I'd definately have Mark Kermode or James King on every week mixed up with other cool people, it would have to be on everyweek and Simon Amstel could present it but he would have to promise it would be better than the Morning After.

They could do interesting films and singles and albums maybe not opera though if they were kinda relevent that would be cool, like if you think of Newsnight review as a culture review show this would be more a kind of pop culture review show.

So how much mullah can i make olutta the idea then?

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