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Monday, October 3

Stuff changing at xfm..

Well managing director of XFM is out Mister Graham Bryce has had the honour of being the head honcho of that london alternative radio station plus Choice and Capital Gold for a while, while the stations havent really got much worse in the last couple of years they havent really got any better.

XRAY Mag while actually being despite being quite good didnt seem to be making any money and folded, they started 'helping' student stations by not giving them any money but getting free advertising on the stations. I sound critical and would be glad that he has been given the elbow but for the fact that he is part of a clear out of the Capital Radio people at the fairly newly merged GCap Media where it seems the GWR people are tipping the power balance in their direction. And while everyone i've ever met associated with GWR on a personal basis has been hugely friendly and nice their corporate startegy of cookie cutter "local" radio makes even the somewhat dodgy at times capitalism seem like a rose tinted past. Though as long as Eddie Temple Moriss still has a show I'm sure I'll cope.

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