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Tuesday, February 17


i have been a bit lax havent i

this sites been up a while and i not really been making use of it
well after a plethora (or however its spelt) of personal shit its about time got my life in order right?

well a quick update on wahsts going on in kelvin-ville

about to knock up an article for uni paper about my star studded visit to the nme awards aftershow, where me one or two celebs and all the other music industry liggers of note qued for hours for bottle of carling, i mean really carling is bad enough but bottles
its just a bit of a joke

my flash animation course is starting to get pretty heavy, its getting to the moment of truth whether my own dreams of a brass eye style animations with gary glitter as a peado/fairytale bad guy is worth the possibility of a examiner backlash, i just don't have that true revoluntary spirit do i?

still the dj-ing is going well had a few weeks off, but can't wait to get back and it means the kids might have caught up enough to let me play NERD now....

bless them i love the way they go mental just sometimes i wish they'd be a bit more open minded still c'est la vie as someone french once said


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