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Wednesday, February 18

home sweet home

a quick drive through the backwaters of sussex and surrey and i'm home
where hot water is plentiful, the fridge is never empty and i can have milk in my tea without fear of disentry...

all is good, so a few quiet days at home to ctahc up on some reading and to listen to xfm,

it really seems an extravagence to buy a dab radio so i can listen in brighton, but each time i hear the station it gets harder and harder not to buy one

at the moment thinking of going for a alarm clock dab thingymajig, the reasoning behind this is that at least then i can justify to myself buying one, even though it would prob be one of the most expensive alarms clocks about

anyhow rather cheerful today cause a few kind people have expressed an interest in maybe some experience

of course nothing concrete as yet, but nothing better than an email saying 'tell us about yourself' especial if you're as vain as me.....

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