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Saturday, October 23

and in one moment i went from being a music fan to a record collecting geek

It's finally happened, the somewhat inevitable step up from being a casual record collector to a bit of a geek happened today.
Again down the British Heart Foundation Record and Book shop I decided to delve into the six for a quid box, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Maybe it's not quite that bad, but there's little explaination for these purchases.

First up the album that was the turning point, Elton John 'Ice on Fire' Since I got hold of about six Elton John in one go a few months ago I've been on the quest to collect the whole back catalogue, I got a couple more for my 21st. I'm still a few off but this purchase was the significant one, as I have only listened to one half of one Elton John album since my birthday last month despite have a ten odd albums of his, then today saw fit to purchase another one. Still it does have Nikita on it.

Second up is a slightly rough copy of 'Now thats what I Call Music Ten' which has some amazing tracks on it, even if in need of a bit of a clean, but 'Never Gonna say Goodbye' by Communards followed by M/A/R/R/S 'Pump up the volume' is worth the less than twenty pence ot set me back, and besides it's given me a new challenge, get every vinyl release of 'Now' Book makers are now taking bets on whether I will have started 'every number one 45 ever quest' before christmas.

Next purchase was the 'Westside Story OST' Thankfully I can kid myself that I can Kid myself I might one day use 'America' when Dj-ing at Hothouse.

With all the talk of Band Aid III it seemed only right I acquired either a Midge Ure or Bob Geldof LP, I opted for the former. I already have 'Viena' The All Music Guide to Ultravox dedicates a grand total of three words to Rage in Edenin the bands overal profile, so it promises to be an interesting listen.

and apparently accorsding to the ever reliable AMG

Go West's second album continued in the style of their debut, and while it still has a couple of undistinguished moments, the best moments indicate that the group's songwriting skills are sharpening. The results are enjoyable, New Wave-inflected '80s dance-pop.

So and finally prehaps the most emanbresing of the purchases, Whitney Houston's debut, I bought this for one reason really, th last couple of weeks at the HotHouse I've had people requesting 'I wanna dance with somebody' which isn't on this album, but its my justification anyway.

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