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Wednesday, April 7


its 30 yesrs since abba won eurovision this week, i have to say abba aren't looked back on with such nostalgia as the beatles but i think they definately have them matched on all out shameless pop-ness

granted they prob would lose out in the progressive experimentalism, but in a pop band do you need that?

worhty of note cause it means eurovision is coming round soon
will i actually organise a drinking game based around it this year?

i hope so

been listening to the kayne west album today, and against my better judgement i'm really getting into it, granted the hip hop beats with chipmunk speeded up soul samples are a little predicatable and there are more skits than you can shake a stick at but i like it

if thats a crime crucify me

oxegen is looking like the quality line up seeing as reading and glasto's seem a bit, i dunno, uninspired isle of white is prob better. i wanna start a festival where i decide who plays and it only costs £30 and they dont let any trouble making loo-lighters in think it'd be good?

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