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Monday, April 5

Inevitable blogging material part one

well a decade is a long time...

year its ten years since mr kurt nirvana got a big ol'gun and blew his brains out, and as a fitting tribute nme put his mug on the cover, xfm play a different nirvana on the half hour and virgin megastores in london have set up a shrine (their words not mine)

sure i'm not alone in the sentiment that i dont know what all the fuss is about.
However whilst my american bloggin friends havent yet dived in I thought I ought to, while i'm sure they will write some clever and insightful pieces on the subject i wanna ask who else gets this kinda treatment, Lennon and Elvis, who not even the most cynical music snob could really argue against,

is kurt up to their standard? and even more pressing why are people like mercury, hendrix, drake, and buckley (both generations) given such death anniversary stuff

xfm as some kind of redemption have just played my woman by white town, so their already on the way to being forgive

the nme on the other hand.....

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