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Thursday, April 1

searching for the thread

been listening to buck 65 - square today wanted to bring you some of the great lyrics from it but search high and low on google i couldnt find any to cut and paste, so if there's any buck fans out there who fancy transcribing the album for me fell free

stylus magazine is starting to become my new favourist online music source, i dunno how much longer i can handle's one of libertines opens new milk bottle stories

if you have means of acquitring random music legally i thoroughly recommend you use that to download the chi-lites - are you my woman - which is offcourse the horns from crazy in love in their original setting, not sure if i like the track yet but without a doubt its an interesting listen

in answer to my question from my last post; is it ok to like lcd soundsystem? well following a discussion thing on my new bible i feel there's no shame in it...

also for those who haven't procured an digital version of skinner esq. latest and possible greatest you might want to look here also a wealth of bootleg type madness


new favourite site

till i couldnt get the songs to download :(

check popshots for an interesting hypocrisy insight thingy, i'll explain basically korn's new video is all about multi-media conglomeration and anti big major labels despite being signed to sony so clicky the link for a more coherent deconstruction and explanation of what idiots korn seem to be and the ever lovable mister stern

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