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Friday, July 30

it's a little bit funny, this feeling inside

Recently I've been re-assessing Elton John; Admitably because of the Scissor Sisters aping of him and me finally getting a copy of Tiny Dancer from almost famous. And I've come to the conclusion he's under-rated.

Its far to easy to file him under Diva, not particularly helped by Bo Selecta's "i'm gonna bum you into next week" Pastiche, but re-listening to his greatest hits ignoring all the Queen of the Divas stuff surprised me.

I've always loved "Your Song" and the fact I quite like Moulin Rogue certainly helps my appreciation of that track, i love the sentiment of the lyrics and msuically its and old school earworm.

(As an aside anyone who wants to answer this exam question feel free... "Baz Lurhman is the second most excellent director with decent soundtracks behind Quentin Tarintino, Discus")

"Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word" is another belter that I can appreciate even with Blue's involvement, It's a real sing-along-with-your-headphones-on-whilst-on-a-train-much-to-the-embarasment-of-onlookers kinda song.

Granted the Candle in the Wind Song was a bit ill advised in terms of gaining kudos from a cynic...

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