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Wednesday, July 28

Statistics Bloody Statistics

The more I think about filesharing, the more guilty I feel, but I can't help but agree with this artical, theres very few albums ofr songs i've downloaded that i would have gone out and bought and/or afforded.

The the dodgy CD's I have that I might have bought tend to be those I copy off my mates, and completely removed from the whole napster issue.

Thats something that kinda irks me is all the literature about filesharing I've read seems to completely ignore the role CD duplication technology has had in the piracy problem.

I admit I downloaded music before I could burn it to a CD but how many people actually did?

And I know theres iPods now but I can seriously only name five people I know who own one. bare in mind I am nearly 21, internet-savvy music fan from Brighton a fairly trendy city so I woulda thought I'm ideal friend of iPod material.

Is it because Dell, Sony and the other PC's are geniune businesses the Music industry doesnt want to challenge their involvement?
(ignoring big brother style this corporation owns this one who owns this one style connections between companies)

Instead the consumer and the inovative maverick programmers who get the brunt of legal action.

If the willingness and foresight had been there legal download services of iTunes/Napster v2 could have been in place before the napster case even reached court.

And while I'm riling, send journos, radio stations etc mp3 promo's even with DRM, it would save the companies a fortune, i know how many promos get made and how many sit around offices etc never getting used, this simple step would surely make the labels and the artist more money and maybe do the environment a little good and help the "leaked" album syndrome....

am i rambling ?

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