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Wednesday, July 21

You wait all year for a music prize then two come along at once...

Well i swore this year I would bet on who I wanted to win.

Too often in the last few years iIve guessed right

Which means I won'tt stand a chance this year but I can try at least

Anyhow my thoughts....

Basement Jaxx – ‘Kish Kash’

I don't actually own this album so I can't say for definate but i can't see this winning, they are already pretty big and to be honest I don't think anyone else can.

Belle & Sebastian – ‘Dear Catastrophe Waitress’

Prob to big to stand a chance, I mean they've won a brit award before... a great album mind and probably my favourite from the list, still I don't fancy a punt.

Franz Ferdinand – ‘Franz Ferdinand’

Apparently the favourite, and I have to say its quality album and deserved to make the shortlist, however not so sure it will take home the money, it seems the Mercury see's its self as a highlight of new and less wellknown music, you can't really say that FF need the exposure.

Jamelia – ‘Thank You’

I have to say its good to see Jamelia in there, I havent heard the album thru but based on the three singles you've gotta say its prob one of the best straight ahead pop albums of the year

Keane – ‘Hopes And Fears’

Indie is dead long live Indie, I like Keane, they make big song that sound good on the radio about feelings and girls not liking you and stuff, which is admirable and praps been lacking of late, but best album of the year and mercury winner methinks not.

Snow Patrol – ‘Final Straw’

Same really applies for snow patrol, its a decidely average album, i do like spitting games the current single mind, they are Radio 1 a list playlsit material not exactly in need to any help to reach critical mass really

Joss Stone – ‘The Soul Sessions’

The backlash against her has already started, poor girls been lumped with Jamie Cullum and Katie Mealauauahwhaha, plus the fact its a covers album, poor lamb doesnt stand a chance.

The Streets – ‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free’

It's really surprised and in a way peeved me that everyone seems certain Skiner is gonna be there or thereabouts, original pirate material was a far more deserving effort than this, granted its a quality album and "Dry your eyes" might be his first number one blah blah blah, this is a good lil Streets album, it isnt the groundbreaker that Original Pirate Material was, it might win but it would be a travesty.

Ty – ‘Upwards’

I don't really know ty, but i've heard he's good from a few reliable sources which i reckon makes him a good bet, in fact i might end up putting my money where my mouth is on this one. He sounds good and is unknown perfect mewcury material.

Amy Winehouse – ‘Frank’

Hmmm might be my favourite for a bet, not the best album ever but its been a slow grower and has definate 50 quid man potential, might not be a worthy winner but almost certainly a contender

Robert Wyatt – ‘Cuckooland’

I know nothing about this bloke which loadsa people seem to think is a pre-requsite for wining the mercury, personally i can't see it happening, still being nominated aint bad

The Zutons – ‘Who Killed...The Zutons’

I don't have their album but i have to say i've seen them twice and both gigs are prob in my top twenty ever and prob the best of the last 12 months, i don't think they will but i would like them to win, they aren't as well known as some of the more fancied acts but, thats what it is sposed to be about, prob not a sensible bet but worthy winner. if the Daily Mirror are to be believed (which they prob arent) they reckon this is a 100-1 shot in which case i might find it hard to resist everone loves an underdog

Prehaps bit more admirable is the popjustice's twenty quid music prize

And appropriately in this modern utopia world were no one buys albums, they legally download music from iTunes to there iPod to listen to on the tube (apparently in the eyes of some papers and websites everyone is 25-34 and lives in london owns an iPod etc etc) popjutice are focusing on singles

Which i think is infinately more relevent

So here they be:

Emma Bunton 'Maybe'
Busted 'Crashed The Wedding'
Girls Aloud 'The Show'
Jamelia 'Superstar'
Javine 'Surrender'
Keane 'Somewhere Only We Know'
Shaznay Lewis 'Never Felt Like This Before'
McFly 'Five Colours In Her Hair'
Rachel Stevens 'Sweet Dreams My LA Ex'
Rachel Stevens 'Some Girls'
Sugababes 'Hole In The Head'
Will Young 'Leave Right Now'

Now there are some amazing tracks in there
I heart "the show" and "some girls" for my sins...

That might be because they are still fresh mind;

And the Jamelia, Mcfly, Sugababes and the debut offering Miss Stevens all worthy contenders

I've got a feeling Girls Aloud Might win it like last year, but you can help decide
at a yet unannounced "ceremony" the readers of will be discusing the merits and choosing the winner

Now Thats What I Call Democracy 45

I'll be there if i can convince some people to come with me

Any takers....

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