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Wednesday, January 3

Digg Diess a deathh

In a bit of a tongue in cheek series of suggestions Wired has made up a few predictions for the following year. Some are sarcastic like Google dropping the "don't be evil" some a bit more absurb like "PaedoSpace"

One that might actually hold some water is digg going the way of friendster. I was a little bit of a late comer to the digg party, intialy I couldn't really see what it had to offer that wasn't available on fark or slashdot. Though now it seems to have reached that tipping point that you can't move in the Search Blogosphere for a piece on how to optimise for digg or how other people are gaming the system.

Apparently they aren't selling anytime soon. And there really does seem no arguing that they are top of the social "news" (inverted commas deliberate) sites at the moment, though quite whether they have the appeal or community ton cross over I'm not so sure.

As a bit of an internet geek its often easy to forget what normal people who use the net are like. My mum and my girlfriend have no idea what digg is and I can't see them warming to the flame wars or the "Top Ten Reasons why Ubuntu will stop the Apple iPhone from using digg on a ps3"

For me if any of the web 2.0 firms are going to do an eBay or Amazon they have to break out of the blokey mail geek audience and into a "normal" audience. That or find their once highly valued company a nearly ran.

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