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Thursday, January 4

This is the Geek oClock News coming to you live on your Blackberry

According to NMA, it won't be long before you lucky three mobile users can be watching GeekTV live on your mobile. Of course that all depends on you being able to connect to the three network which is from what I hear not all that reliable.

It seems from the NMA article that the service is going to follow the stream model, of continous shows, which always seems srtrange to me. From the little I know about Mobile Video I thought that short-form was the way to go. Short clips work well with the short attention span needed to be watching video on the screen size of a postage stamp.

I shouldnt really complain I'm due for a mobile upgrade and are seriously contemplating switching to three for their x-series phone plan. I'm well aware of the network coverage issue but I really have the need to access wikipedia when I'm feeling too lazy to pick up my laptop.

At the moment the nokia n95 tops the list with gps and non-existant release date though that might all be swayed on the 7th

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