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Wednesday, January 3

If in doubt talk about the weather

Techcrunch despite its recent scrapes over the closing of the UK franchise does still occasionally throw up the good tip. Weather Bill is just such an example.

I have absolutely no idea how the business model works, which isn't hugely surprising for a web 2.0 start up, but they are offering insurance policies against bad weather. It seems more aimed for businesses than making sure you don't waste money on burgers if it tips it down.

I imagine for big events like festivals must have this kind of insurance as a mater of course but its quite an interesting idea to offer this kind of policy for smaller business. Say for example or a farmer who sells all your goods at a summer event which is rained off leaving you with a bunch of perishables that you are going to have trouble getting off your hands.

But much more exciting is the possibility it opens up for betting on the weather, which is a lot more unpredictable than the premiership.

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