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Wednesday, March 9

Fear of work

I am expecting I'llprob be posting a wee bit more to this dear old blog in the next few weeks, yes its that time again big coursework times. And what better way to avoid work than this...

If of course you're incredibly interested in what I'm doing my dissertations on I thought I'd dive in and tell you...

The one I'm enjoying most and actually enjoying writing and thinking about is for my Cultures Online Course. I don't have a final title yet but at the moment its looking like "Don't call me a rockist: Hierachies of taste in an Online Music Forum"
Those of you familar with ILM ( will know about rockism inside and out, and basically I thought would be a good laugh to do a dissertation about it, largely so when its all done and finished I can post it up and have it ripped to shreds by people more clever than me, so expect that up on secondhandnews in a few months.

Second up for my Music & Media course I doing something about the death of music as a tangible concrete comodity, which might have a title along the lines of "Last night a mp3 saved my life: Did iTunes Music store keep music a comodity?"
I am having a bit of difficulty getting into this one, largely cause i really enjoying the rockism one and its worth more of my degree, though my tutor (who is know by the japaneese media as Professor iPod) has leant me a really good book called "Strange Sounds: Music, Technology and Culture" by Timothy D. Taylor (which might be on amazon but I havent searched to check) which from the bits I've read of the train before falling asleep on the train to London have seemed really good, and I know once I get in the zone for it I'll be well away.

The final one I havent thought about much even though I've had it since Christmas is my "Is Simon Cowell Real? The cult of the individual in the music industry" This essay and my apparent calm about the fact it won't take me long to complete exemplifies how far I think I've come whilst at Uni, to be able to think (perhaps wrongly) that I know and are able to work efficiently enough that I can knock out a 5000 word essay in no time at all both makes me feel proud and concerned about how seriously I am taking this.

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