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Saturday, March 26

Own Brand Bourbon Reviews - First in an occasional series

As a few of you may no I'm not adverse to the occasional tipple of the Ole JD and Coke, as I love to live the rockist drink cliche, but unfortunately as I am but a poor student the black labeled stuff from Tennessee is quite often beyond my reach, so I often opt for the somewhat cheaper own brand bourbon alternative.

However this is a bit of a mindfield so I feel I ought to aid those in a similar predicament with a scientific process of evaluating the alternative options. To do this I have come up with a rigorous 5 out of 5 out of 5 scheme. Leading to a maximum possible score of 25*

First up with have Tesco's Smokey Jacks retailing at £9.99 for a 70cl Bottle

Price 4/5
Taste with Coke 3.5/5
Taste Straight 2.5/5
availability 3/5 (prob ought to be higher but there is no tesco in Brighton City Limits)
Ability to pretend is JD 2.5/5 (Similar shaped bottle black label and doesn't taste to different mixed after a few drinks but to the conseseur will always be apparent s the poor mans choice)

*Please note not even JD would reach a 25 score as it would prob rate a lowly 2 or three in the value sub-section

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