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Thursday, March 24

My first post

So here I am, bravely, but tentatively, taking my first steps into the blog of Kelv.

Is this going to be a public arena for the multitude of amusing and inciteful observations I have to make on the world? Will it serve as an outlet for my teen-angst-ridden soul (yes, i realise 20 is a little too old for teen angst) to cascade itself onto an unsuspecting and uncomfortable audience? Will I even bother to add to it? Who can say?

To begin however, I think I will provide y'all with a wee incite into the world of me.

I am a simple man (perhaps "man" is something of a stretch...) of simple pleasures. Without meaning to sound too Julie Andrews, and in no particular order, here are a few of my favourite things....

  • Tea
  • Neighbours (on TV rather than my neighbours in real life who have just recently complained to the council about us making too much noise - miserable fuckers)
  • The pub quiz at The Bear (at which I have a particularly impressive record)
  • Walking along the road listening to my iPod and pretending I'm in my very own music video
  • Taking pictures of people without them realising (I know that sounds somewhat pervy and stalker-ish, it's not meant to - it's just a way of taking pictures of people at their most natural)
  • Going to gigs for free
  • Keira's smile (maybe shouldn't really have put that one but it's true)

Until next time, when I may well add to that list or, if I'm in a particular foul mood, compose a new one of the things that most royally fuck me off, I bid you adieu.

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