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Wednesday, March 23

Why I moved House Last Summer

As some of you may know I moved houses last yearly, mainly because they all left me, but maybe cause I was difficult to live with and one particular housemate often felt the brunt due to, how shall I put it, our differing views on spirituality. But after tour brief MSN convo copied below maybe she was right and I was wrong...

SHE says:hmmm. what are your plans for next yr?

ME says: move to london get job get rich live happily ever after

SHE says:getting rich = living happily ever after...hmmmm?

ME says:not one nesc equals the other but the more money you have the easy you find it to indulge your passions and therefore make you happy surely you'd agree

SHE says:ahahaha. nope. but hey, i'm a christian and thus have higher purpose type morality, so.....yeah.

ME says:ok let me put this another way would you like to be in a situation whereby you could do the stuff you did on your travels without having to find the money to do it

SHE would make it easier on me. BUT when is it enough money? like, i'd have liked to not have to have worried about macedonia but maybe then i'd want to go to new zealand as well, or maybe nepal, and maybe i wouldnt have enough, or maybe id like to go to the, having to pray for the money taught me a lot so i wouldnt have it any other way

ME says:you can pray for money thats where i've been going wrong all these years

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