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Monday, August 8

You're beautiful, it's true.

Well it seems the killer-cum-crooner James Blunt is number one for the forth week on the trot in the singles chart, not that I've been following his progress that closely (infact I find it a bit difficult to believe that anyone is following his progress that closely, I mean I can understand he has fans but hardly the rabid obsess of every detail and tid bit of news type though I do hear Hormone Replacement can do weird things to a women.)

Other than he sounds a bit like Tracey Chapman who used to be quite popular I haven't really grasped his appeal. I'm not meaning to be too down on the chap, I mean I don't hate him or owt, there is quite likely worse music out there, its just it doesn't seem to have crossed my path. The single in itself isn't too offensive, I spose too that it is quite catchy in the repeat one sentence ad nausea to form a chorus kind of way. But its definitely not just the song at play there must be more to the appeal.

I think I might have grasped a bit of his shtick though, maybe it's the whole tough but gentle thing, like Gazza he might beat his wife but wasn't it sweet when he cried in Italy. you know that famous Athena poster with the muscley guy who is holding the baby, who turned out to be a womaniser that kind of thing. I mean he may have been paid to kill people in the past but he is so sensitive, I mean

        You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
        You're beautiful, it's true.
        I saw your face in a crowded place,
        And I don't know what to do,
        'Cause I'll never be with you

I mean check out that sentimentality, its like even more deep than 'I will Always Love You'

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