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Monday, August 8

Shuffle Couture

Over the weekend I met up with a couple of mates I haven't seen much since I started Uni, we were at the Zine launch for "Half a Pigeon" I mentioned a few days ago, it was gig come open decks DJ       party, and somewhat inevitably the question so what have you been listening to lately arose.

And I couldn't answer, not in a I'm scared to say unless you don't like it way but in a I couldn't actually tell you, I have big ole iPod, and though its not as full as it could be (or I would like) there is a fair bit for me to be listening to, I always have it on shuffle so I'm lucky if I listen to the same track twice in a week let alone a whole album.

Add in the obsessive compulsive record collecting I have been indulging in far to frequently of late has hardly helped matters, I have more albums than I can ever really listen to so I barely listen to an album enough to really be in it of note enough to mention.

But does it mean I'm not appreciating music in the same way anymore... I nearly wrote my dissertation on the subject (it eventually morphed into a 'Does the notion of free music as illustrated by illegal file sharing online alter the way we perceive music, is it a return to pre-phonographic notions or merely an evolution in the purchase method of music (sounds thrilling right?))

I think I might write it out for the blog or Half a Pigeon...

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cargill said...

yes please. next one should be october i reckon. get writing like..