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Wednesday, August 3

Sienna Who..

Maybe its me just being totally out of touch with the world of popular culture (if this were the case I would for ever hold my head in shame) but who is Sienna Miller and how come she is so very newsworthy.

The ever reliable Holy Moly (link on the side bar) say apparently she is all preggers upped with estranged other half Jude Law, hot gossip it would seem but I can't help but wonder why I should care, I'm all for celebrities for celebs sake, but I really have trouble understanding what is the cause celebre  for Sienna, we she was riding Shotgun on the Jude Law Express, but he is hardly that famous I mean he's good in Rushmore and I've heard he plays Shane Ritchey's part in the on-screen adaptation of the life of Aflie Moon (but I ain't seen that yet)

But does this mean I should care, I don't want to seem like the grump who hates people being famous for being famous, that's not something I bothered about, my problem with Sienna is In a line up with her Kate Moss, Sadie Frost and Sienna I might only just be able to pick Kate out but I wouldn't like to bet any money on it.

Still gives Heat something to write about but I still think Closer should have forgot Sienna and put the story about Barry Chuckle seducing a married women should be front page material.

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