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Wednesday, August 10

Film review type thing...

I dunno how secretive I am supposed to be about this (I'm being positive about the film and why else would a film company show a film early other than to create a buzz) but the other day I had the fluke of getting in for a super advance screening of Serenity the new movie from the writer of Buffy, Angel et al. Apparently its the big screen version of a TV programme by called Firefly, but not having seen the series it still was really easy to follow.

I'm not the hugest fan of his work in the past but I found the film really enjoyable, its chockablock with cliche and funny but very "him" dialolog, its never gonna be an all time classic and I can't imagine it'll do hugely well on the multiplexs (I mean the title is about as vague and unengaging as they come) but its definitely going to be one of those DVD phenomena part Donnie Darko part Blade. If you click here you can see the trailer aswell.

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