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Wednesday, October 20

been a slightly surreal 24 four hours

Didnt get up to an awful lot yesterday but still seemed to be a bit of a weird day,

Firstly managed to have Wife Swap on in the background with out the incredible urge to slit my wrists,I wouldn't say I enjoyed it, but maybe its cause it was about nationality rather than class difference so it could have been construed of slight antropological interest rather than the usual lets laugh at the poor person or lets laugh at the rich person.

Secondly after listening to the excellent Oneclick/comedy show on Radio One i thought why not listen to 'The Lock Up' as I havent for ages, and a mates band had their single played out, even better when i think the lucky owners of 'Is this SHT' have had the track for over two years.

And watched half of two films when a little bit faceless, firstly 24 Hour Party People which i was really enjoying before the dvd player went haywire, but that might be because I'd only see the Joy Division Bits rather than the Happy Mondays Bits.

And Ferris Day Off, which again I was enjoying till the dvd player went loopy, still best be off cause iI gotta learn in an hour the new playout system for URF and be able to teach it as well which might be fun...

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