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Monday, October 18

What does it say about me...

I'm dj-ing at the Union club tonight (again...) and its a school disco night

Firstly let me say that the theme had nothing to do with me, its about as old hat as trucker caps.

Anyhow as is the law with these thing fancy dress is compulsory, well not for the punters but for those organizing it and muggins, well I was searching through my large collection of acquired ties, most of which I can never conceivably see myself wearing but daren't throw them out just in case. And found myself with the predicament of having two school ties.

Firstly the fairly standard navy blue slightly tattered with multiple school logo's on, the apparent "school tie"

And also I have my bright turquoise senior prefect tie, (yes I was a swot) it is still kinda obviously a school tie but less so.

As far as I can imagine its very unlikely anyone from my old school is gonna be there, so the fact I feel compelled to wear the prefect tie will never be picked up on but I still feel like a right royal wally for choosing it.

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