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Monday, October 18

My new favouritest shop

I discovered the shop a while back but only now I have a little bit of money to my name have I had a chance to look properly, but the British Heart Foundation Charity Record and book shop.

For a measly £3.50 I managed to procure myself a few decent gems, and Didn't have to trek all the way back to my parents to get soaked looking through with squillion copies of K-tel compilations of easy listening standards at a carboot sale.

probably the most worthless but most rewarding is a compilation called Modern Heroes which is the first release on TV Records. As a rule I tend to stay away from compilations, the whole reason I started buying vinyl was to hear the album tracks to the great singles I already knew, but this one I found impossible to resist.

But the premise of this compilation seemed great, a few songs by artists I love, but not the obvivous ones, and a few tracks I'd never heard of but if were anything like the tracks I did know I woulda landed on my feet, I'm half way through the first side now and really enjoying it, Granted most of you won't give a flying hoot about the tracklisting, but as I couldn't find the tracklisting online at all, as I figure its long since deleted I thought I'd post it up in case should anyone ever google it.

Side One
Hungry Like The Wolf - Duran Duran
Don't Go - Yazoo
Cantonese Boy - Japan
Love Shadow - Fashion
Hanging Garden - The Cure
Today - Talk Talk
I melt with you - Modern English
African and White - China Crisis
Don't Run away from here - Strange Arrangement
I want Candy - Bow Wow Wow

Side Two
Hard Times - Human League
Bamboo House - David Sullivan/Ruichi Sakamoto
Leave in Silence - Depeche Mode
Promised You a Miracle - Simple Minds
Windpower - Thomas Dolby
Space Age Love Song - Flock of Seagulls
Made in Japan - Nancy Nova
Spirit - Bahaus
Sensitive - Mick Karn
Big Bean - Pig Bag

The most expensive of what I brought surprisingly was Lionel Ritchie - Dancing on the Ceiling, Poor Lionel everyone thinks he is an absolute joke, especially the circles I move in, personally I love the cheesiness his songs have but ultimately still respect him as one of the most enduring people to have come out of Motown, and what's a quid , to hear a crackly version of 'Say you, Say me'

There was a load of Billy Joel there and as I have nothing by him I thought I owed it to my pop collection to purchase one, I went for Innocent Man, which I'll justify to the snobs by saying I bought it so I could use uptown world to Dj with but just between me and you its cause I don't think Joels all that bad.

Again I opted for something out of the eighties (I blame Channel 4 UK Music Hall of Fame for the eighties on last night for it.) This time it was Nik Kershaw, I have loved the track "Wouldn't it be Good" since I heard a Soulwax cover of the track. I love it when you come across an Mp3 like that where it reminds you of how great the original was.

Dare by Human league has been one of the most played Vinyl I've bought so it seemed only time I invested in another album of there's, as fate would have it it's turned out to be the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced Crash, I know barely nothing about the tracks on this album so expect more about that as I listen to it.

And Finally I opted for The Housemartins - London 0 - Hull 4, which has inspired a question for the up coming music pub quiz I'm organizing: Which Musician/Group is not from Brighton? Fatboy, Eighties Matchbox or Electric Soft Parade. (I love that even more for the unintentional pun on the Fatboy Slim track 'You're not from Brighton') Personally Based on the two tracks I know "Happy Hour" and "Caravan of Love" The House Martins are vastly underrated.

Not bad for £3.50

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paul said...

"Modern Heroes" was my introduction to music when I was 13 or so. You wouldn't happen to have a photo or scan of the cover, would you? I'm collection the songs individually to make my own "Modern Heroes" mp3 playlist.